Why is the Special Energy Bonus being made?

The bonus is a result of higher than expected returns from Government Energy Businesses.

How is it being paid for?

Payments will be made directly from Aurora Energy for Aurora Energy Account holders and from Government for Non-Aurora Energy customers.

Who does the Special Energy Bonus apply to?

It will apply to all Pension concession card holders (including age pension, disability support pension, parenting payment, carer payment, wife pension or DVA pension concessions) and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders to help support cost of living increases.

Will the Bonus apply to people with only a Tasmanian Seniors Card?

The Bonus will not be available to Tasmanian Seniors Card holders.

Will pensioner PAYG customers be covered?

Yes they will. They will receive their rebate through the Aurora Energy automatic process and do not need to apply.

Will this apply to individuals or households?

The bonus will be one per household aligned to the current electricity concession arrangements. Those pensioner concession card holders whose household get an electricity concession will get the bonus.

If I do not have an Aurora Energy Account but get an electricity bill from another party do I get the Bonus?

The Bonus will be available for people in retirement villages, nursing homes and caravan parks when it is their primary residence and they get an electricity account from another entity other than Aurora Energy.

How much will be paid to eligible customers?


Why only $125?

The Government only had a limited funding for this initiative and this has resulted in the $125 for the households eligible for this Bonus.

Will the Bonus affect my social security income limits?

No. Tasmanian Special Energy Bonus payments for eligible individuals are exempt from the social security income test.

What pension concessions are applicable now?

Pensioner Concession Card:

  • AGE (Age Pension)
  • BVA (Bereavement Allowance)
  • CAR (Carer Payment)
  • DSP (Disability Support)
  • NAP (Non Agency Payment)
  • PPS (Parenting Payment Single)
  • WFA (Wife Pension Age)
  • WFD (Wife Pension DSP or Work for Dole)
  • DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs)

When will it be paid?

Cheques were mailed out to Pensioner Concession Card Holders who already receive the annual electricity concession.

The application process closed on 12 January 2018 for Commonwealth Senior Health Card holders.

How is this process being managed?

The Tasmanian Government is delivering the Special Energy Bonus through Aurora Energy and Service Tasmania Service Centres.

As Aurora Energy already process electricity concession for the pensioners’ concession cards, they will use this process to deliver cheques to eligible customers for this Bonus for their customers. The Government will facilitate the payment of the cheques to Non-Aurora Energy customers.

How do people apply?

Pensioner concession card holders who are Aurora Energy account holders do not need to apply to receive payment. The one-off payment will automatically be processed to these customers based on current electricity concession information.

Commonwealth Senior Health Card holders needed to apply in person at Service Tasmania Service Centre prior to 12 January 2018.