Services Australia Health Care CardEligibility

Eligibility for the Health Care Card (HCC) is determined by Services Australia.

If you are receiving certain payments or supplements or the maximum rate of Family Tax Benefit (Part A), you will automatically receive a HCC.  Partners and children may also be covered by the Card. The HCC is automatically reissued when it expires if you are still eligible.

If you are not entitled to receive an automatic HCC, you may need to put in a claim to find out whether you can receive a Low Income (LIC) HCC, Foster Child HCC (FST), or Ex-Carer Allowance (child) HCC (EXCA).

Low income earner

You may be eligible for a Low Income HCC if you are on a low income and meet the Low Income HCC income test. LIC card holders must reapply to renew their card when it expires.

Foster carers

You may be eligible for a Foster Child HCC if you are a foster carer, or caring for someone else’s child. You do not need to be a formal foster carer, for example, caring for a ward of the state, to be eligible. Anyone, such as a grandparent, sibling or aunt, who is caring for a child that is not their natural or adopted child, is an informal foster carer and may be eligible.

The FST HCC is:

  • not  subject to an income or assets test
  • issued in the name of the child in your care
  • automatically reissued when expired if you are still eligible

Ex-Carer Allowance

You may be eligible for an EXCA HCC if you:

  • are aged between 16 and 25 years
  • are a full-time student
  • were receiving a Carer Allowance HCC on the day before you turned 16 years and
  • meet residence requirements.

A claim is required for the EXCA  HCC. This card is not automatically reissued. Card holders must reapply to renew their card when i it expires.

Digital concession cards

If you already have a concession or health care card from Services Australia, you can access a digital image of your card from the Digital Wallet on your Express Plus Centrelink mobile app. The Digital Wallet lets you present your concession or health care card using your smart device. Some concession providers may not accept digital cards and you will still need to use your physical card.

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