Concessions are available on pharmaceuticals dispensed to patients discharged from hospital, outpatients attending the emergency department or hospital, outpatient clinics within public hospitals.

Medicare Card holders are entitled to receive pharmaceuticals at a maximum cost of $41.30* per prescription item. Holders of one of the following cards will pay a maximum of $6.60* per prescription item:

  • Services Australia Health Care Card
  • Services Australia Pensioner Concession Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • PBS Safety Net Concessions Card issued by a pharmacy
  • DVA Health Card – All Conditions (“Gold Card”)
  • DVA Health Card – For Specific Conditions (“White Card”) where the pharmaceuticals are for treatment of specific accepted condition(s)
  • Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Card (“Orange Card”)
  • DVA Repatriation Health Card.

Holders of a PBS Safety Net Entitlement Card will not be charged for their medication.

*Under current arrangements, these amounts are adjusted in line with inflation by the Australian Government on 1 January each year

For more information:

Department of Health
Royal Hobart Hospital: 6166 6700
Launceston General Hospital: 6777 6728
North-West Regional Hospital: 6493 6280
Mersey Community Hospital: 6478 5229