Tube feeds and oral nutrition supplements are supplied at subsidised cost to people:

  • with serious medical conditions that affect their ability to meet nutritional requirements with normal food and drink and
  • who are assessed by a Dietitian as requiring nutritional support.

The subsidised costs are based on estimates from the Household Expenditure Survey for food. The costs are adjusted annually based on the

Consumer Price Index. The Program does not supply nutritional products that are listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme General Schedule.

Further reduction in the subsidised costs are available if you hold a:

  • Services Australia Health Care Card
  • Services Australia or DVA Pensioner Concession Card (if ineligible to access products via DVA)


  • satisfy assessments for significant financial hardship.

The subsidised supplements are NOT available to individuals who are:

  • eligible for compensation from MAIB, Workers’ Compensation or any Common Law compensation
  • receiving financial assistance from any other government-funded program or where a compensation payment has been made that includes future nutritional support
  • in residential facilities or hospitals that are required to provide nutrition to meet their residents’ needs
  • participants with NDIS and eligible for provision of enteral or oral nutrition support.

For more information:

Department of Health

Royal Hobart Hospital: 6166 8145
Launceston General Hospital:  6777 6477
North-West Regional Hospital: 6493 6467